Building 177 seems like a quaint little room in the heart of Liberty Station, but glam it up with floral arrangements, gold mirrored decor, a mariachi band, and first dance sparklers and it becomes the main attraction of this Point Loma park.

Rebecca and Manny started the day with an intimate first look where they had a private moment to share their vows with each other. With the chaos of their big families, this moment was so meaningful to both R&M with lots of tears, kisses, and hugs.

The ceremony took place in the square. It was decorated with soft white and pink flowers with glamorous gold-accented pillars and shiny mirrors. R&M shared their love in front of all their family and friends and with a kiss it was off to cocktail hour. Live, acoustic music, appetizers, and hugs from everyone built anticipation to get the party started inside Building 177!

Happy wedding day B+M!