"I want to book a wedding without talking to you first. Why the 'Let's chat?'"

Well... listen here friends.

I know we live in time where everything is instant, digital, and non-personal, but... I am going to be blunt and honest with you.

(I mean really though, did you expect anything less from me?)

Photography is an insanely personal thing. Having a camera in your face can be so intimidating, especially if you are not used to being the center of attention (most of us aren't). Posing for photos is essentially moving your body in new ways that truly can make you feel vulnerable and unsure.

Now, try this for me... I want you to take that feeling of vulnerability and multiply it by x1000. Add the attention of all your lifelong friends and entire family, the timeline that is running a bit behind, and the missing boutonnieres. Boom...that's your wedding day.

Think about it this way, we spend the entire day together in an emotionally charged environment. It is crucial to trust and respect your wedding photographer. You have to know that they are going to have your back, understand your needs and wants, predict things before they happen, make the best decisions, AND make it an amazing, efficient, and fun experience for you and all your guests. It's not enough anymore to simply 'like' your photographer's pretty pictures. Tell me, right now, that you want to assign that job to some rando you found on the internet. Bet you won't ;)

With something as special, intimate, and important as your wedding day, your choice of photographer is everything.

If you are truly serious about inquiring with a photographer, the good ones won't just say 'yes' to everyone. Just like you are searching for your 'perfect' wedding photographer, I am also searching for my 'perfect' wedding clients. And what might be perfect for me, might not be perfect for you... and what might be perfect for you might not be perfect for me! Finding that ideal Bride/Groom/Photographer match where everyone vibes with personality, budget, style, venue, and experience is the dream! This goes way beyond wedding photography, but here it is...not everyone is for everyone. Not every wedding photographer and couple are going to be a perfect match, and that is A-OK. That is, dare I say, the spice of life. Amirite?

The bottom line is...I want to do the absolute best job that I can to capture your wedding day. Truthfully, your client experience is the MOST important part of my entire business. It is my responsibility to put all of us in the very best position to succeed... and that means knowing you, loving you, and deeply understanding your wedding vision. I simply can't get a feel for any of those through an online contact form. So yes....

Let's chat.

Do it. Schedule your Wedding or Elopement Consultation right meow.