The smartest man who ever lived

I know what you're thinking... isn't every proposal a 'surprise proposal?' (or at least should try to be) And yes. That's true. But when I say surprise this time, I mean it was a surprise for the photographers. So here we go.

Photographers do this thing where we find each other on local Facebook groups. Depending on the group, we ask questions, we swap shooting location secrets, we give each other a heads up about scammers and potentially bad clients, and sometimes we even make friends and collaborate on what we call 'styled shoots.' Seeing as most of you reading this are probably not also photographers, I will explain. Styled shoots are basically our way of getting the perfect photos. We get to control everything, the location, the time of day, the wardrobe, the makeup, the vibe, the style of decor, the is a photographer's dream. These shoots can be literally anything; family, wedding, boudoir, in this case it was a couple's shoot.


I met these strangers on the internet (lol Jen and Renee) and we organized a styled shoot near Marian Bear Park. Jen's two friends, Anneke and Weston, both genuine and beautiful, agreed to be our models. We had an incredible hairstylist, Amber, and an insanely talented makeup artist, Mish, who styled Anneke's look. We also had a local photographer and amazing business owner, Erica at Rent Boho Babes provide us with a gorgeous chair.

So at this point in time... Anneke is looking amazing. Professional hair and makeup, a beautiful dress...she is ready to take some photos and has already mentally prepared for the challenge that comes with being in front of a camera.

Weston casually pulls us aside and tells us he is going to propose. UM WHAT. WE WERE NOT PREPARED FOR THIS. He told us he thought of it THAT day and went out and simply *bought the ring.* I thought about it for a second and was like wow what a freaking genius. What a perfect opportunity he took and sprinted away with. 1. Anneke is dressed to impress. She is already prepared 2. He didn't have to come up with a cover story. 3. Every part of this moment is documented by not just one, but THREE photographers. 4. They get to keep all the photos. A proposal AND an engagement shoot all wrapped into one beautifully tied, and free package. Again...genius.

So, yes. The rest is history. He dropped to a knee, she said yes, it was cute, blah blah blah. Tale as old as time.

Gentlemen. Take notes. That is how it's done.

Congratulations Anneke and Weston!