A Love Story

There is something to be said about people who come into your life and never leave. If you're thinking I am talking about Mel and Mat's love story, plot twist, you are wrong. I am actually talking about Mel and my love story.

We met on a stairmaster five years ago. I became her personal trainer and she became my hairstylist. Together we talked about everything: life, fitness, hair, family, love, good eyebrows, travel, future, you name it. Mel dated some people and I dated some people and we would swap horror stories and laugh about the truly unbelievable sh** we would experience. Even though we didn't talk every day, month, or even year, every time we met, it would feel like no time had passed.

And then came Mat. Mel's dating horror stories stopped completely and were replaced with heartwarming, genuine, stories that made even the most jaded of people believe in a love story.

When they got engaged, I knew that I wanted to be the one to capture these moments for them...and let me tell you, I was not too proud to, what I can only describe as, beg (lol) Mel and I agreed that we all wanted somewhere that wasn't the typical San Diego engagement shoot. We brainstormed trees, mountains, and even snow. I did some googling and decided on Mt. Laguna. I spent an entire day in Cleveland National Forest scouting for perfect locations.

After scouting, I told Mel, "Listen. It's gonna be cold. Like, really cold. There's snow on the ground and when the wind kicks up at the point, it is bone chilling. So bring a giant, fuzzy blanket and lots of alcohol because your clothes definitely aren't going to keep you warm." Unfortunately, I underestimated how cold it would actually be and by the end of our shoot, I could barely press the camera shutter despite wearing gloves, a beanie, and a big, puff jacket.

But wait one second... I challenge you to find a single photo in which either of these awesome people look cold. You can't. You won't. Not a single complaint from either of them. And THAT is called professionalism, ladies and gentlemen.

At one point at the end of our shoot, Mat and I had a moment together while Mel was taking care of Diesel the doggie (an angel). I looked at him and said, "I am not saying this out of obligation as a photographer, but you both looked incredible." He watched Mel from a distance re-clip Diesel's leash and without taking his eyes off her he responded,

"Thanks, but it's really all Mel. She always looks perfect."

Congratulations, Mel and Mat. Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration. I can't wait for next year.